After a few months and several dozen shirts sold, Seun abruptly quit his IT job expecting to be the next Ralph Lauren overnight....This did not happen.

Over the following 5 difficult years of living out of a basement, sharing ramen noodles with Duke, 20 hour work days and setting up at over 50 street fairs a summer, constantly promoting our growing line of refined graphic t-shirts, we started to gain a small but steady & very loyal following.

With zero background in fashion & no real plan other than Duke's insistence that every new t-shirt feature his face prominently, we can't really define what gained us such a strong following early on but one customer tried to explain it as, "kinda preppy & high-end but still casual, fun, simple, well thought out & unexplainably all just works...I really think its the dog, yeah Duke as your mascot makes the line just awesome".

And so as a largely one man & dog operation, inspired by a childhood spent in the UK, a love of bulldogs and the timeless style of Winston Churchill, we've slowly transitioned from a simple t-shirt line into a grassroots brand catering to the casual & fun nature of our growing customer base.


Duke & Winston launched 2009, in Philadelphia by Seun Olubodun and his English Bulldog, The Duke.


With no plan, experience or money, we designed our first t-shirt (see design here) in two colors which we sold & gave out to friends & folks at street fairs & festivals around the city.



Our goal is to become the go "casual prep" brand for city living gentlemen, ladies, kids & pets everywhere with our growing product line of clean & refined tees, hats, ties & other accessories.

Its been an amazing (and character building) journey & we are most glad to have developed a following consisting of the most fun, pet loving, tasteful customer base any business could ask for and we are excited for the future as we expand and become the positive family friendly brand we never set out to be.