• French Bulldog Horse Brass 2

French Bulldog Horse Brass 2

• Made & Imported from England
• Quality Heavy Brass Casting
3.5" high x 3" wide approx
• Vintage Condition

What is Horse Brass

Horse brasses have existed since before the Roman Era (used to protect horses from "the evil eye") but became popular in England during the 1700's as decorations used to adorn work/shire horses.

British horse brass designs were extremely diverse, featuring a wide range of subjects and events used to tell a “story” about the owner & their trade. Designs included family crests, town names, royal coronations, advertising & animal heraldry & more..

While they mostly disappeared from use with the decline of working horses in the early 20th century, they remain a popular collectors item today & can be found as decor on the walls of pubs, homes & man-caves all over the world. 

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