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Bulldog College Licensing

Bulldog College Licensing

National Mascot Day was two days ago but we have a reason to celebrate all bulldog mascots year round as we’ve officially been granted design licensing rights to 2 Bulldog colleges with 4 pending. We will be developing vintage themed merchandise & home goods for Butler University & Mississippi State and in the approval phase for Yale, University of Georgia, North Carolina A&T & Georgetown University.

This is a huge opportunity for d&w and we are going all out to develop the best possible Bulldog college themed merchandise possible.

Each school has a rich Bulldog history and will be researching all the vintage imagery we can find to come up with a unique collection of goods targeting Alumni or students looking for more refined merchandise.

As always will be sharing our development progress and most excited to collab with the Bulldog mascots for each school (will be developing special merchandise for each school’s bulldog). Thanks to everyone who put in a good word to each school and looking forward to adding more Bulldog schools as we expand!!