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About D&W

Duke & Winston is a brand dedicated to developing world class products & building engaging community campaigns in celebration of the majestic bulldog & the people who love them. 

Why Bulldogs?

This oddball of a dog is universally known for traits such as courage, tenacity & strength. Smelly, lazy, stocky & jowly, with a face only a mother could love. The bulldog has a devoted worldwide fanbase ranging from dog lovers to sports fans, including being the number one mascot for sports teams in the world.

As part of the fanatical bulldog community for over a decade, we understand the quirky relationship shared by bulldogs & their people. In honor of this unique bond we believe they deserve their own brand. 

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Supporting Bulldog Rescues!!

Bulldogs are notorious for having health problems & as a brand dedicated to this amazing breed, we are committed to helping rescues come up with creative ways to ease the difficult task of constant fundraising. Our goal is to be a brand partner to bulldog rescues, helping to ensure bulldogs in need finds a home. Learn more about our bulldog rescue partnerships here.