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Our Story

Duke & Winston was born in late 2008 as a simple idea to put our co-founder, Duke the bulldog's face on a few t-shirts and give out to friends. 

With zero plan or experience, we grew from a one man & bulldog team with 50 initial "Duke Tees" to opening 4 retail stores, 60+ wholesale accounts, gaining a ton of national recognition for our dog friendly trunk-shows, meetups, rescue collaborations & most importantly building a grassroots international following of fun, dog loving customers.

After closing our retail stores in 2016 and a 3 year hiatus, we relaunched online in late 2019 with a new goal: Translate the genuine & highly personable customer/dog focused approach we developed offline as a retail business to the web (A challenge we are excited to tackle)

Our Mission

Our mission has always been to build a brand that focused more on bringing joy to dog people than simply selling products. We strongly believe that people need to feel more connected to one another & we realized early on that Duke & Winston was a perfect vehicle to push this message. From over a decade meeting thousands of dog people at our retail stores & at events all over the country, we've seen firsthand that the love we have for our dogs is universal no matter our differences. Our primary goal with Duke & Winston is to highlight this fact by celebrating the genuine bond shared by dog people everywhere.

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Brand Goals

Developing Thoughtful & Quality Products For Dogs & Their People • Spreading Joy To Dog People Through Positive/Relatable Online Content & Offline Programming • Using Universal Love Of Dogs To Bring Folks From Different Backgrounds Together • Seeking Creative & Innovative Ways To Support Dogs In Need