About D&W – Duke & Winston

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The Bulldog Brand

Duke & Winston is building the only dedicated product, content & lifestyle brand dedicated to the greatest dog breed on earth, the iconic English Bulldog & bulldog lovers worldwide. 

We are lifelong bulldog obsessed superfans who have decided to go against the norm of trying to be everything to every dog by focusing on the breed & community we love the most. 

Luckily for us, that community is over 4 million bulldogs & bulldog lovers in the USA and 15 million strong worldwide. 🐶💪

Why The Bulldog

We've been told that building a brand around a single dog breed is short sighted but those people don't know how truly iconic the bulldog is. 

The bulldog is a unique breed all to itself, part highly comical & beloved human companion, part world-wide motivational characher with its very own slogan "The Bulldog Spirit" representing courage, perseverance & tenacity.

The bulldog is the number 1 most popular dog mascot in the world. It is the symbol of an entire nation (England), the mascot of the United States Marines and over 2000 high schools, colleges & sports teams around the world. (Yale, Georgetown, University of Georgia, Western Bulldogs & many others)

Does this majestic, universally mass appealling King/Queen of the dog world deserve its very own brand? We say abso-bloody-lutely.

THE D&W Mission

1) Create amazing, quality products for all the bulldogs & bulldog lovers out there.

2) Build online content hub for entertianment, care info & all things bulldog related.

3) Connect bulldog loving community worldwide & foster real life intereactions by sponsoring citywide bulldog meet ups.

4) Develop awesome partnerships & collaborations with bulldog schools, organizations & brands bulldog entities

5) Be a fundraising & awareness partner to the many bulldog rescues out there that work hard to care for/rehome bulldogs in need. 

Most importantly, use the D&W platform to be a fun, community buiding ambassador for the bulldog breed worldwide.  

The D&W Team

We are a small but growing team. If you love bulldogs, our mission & want to be a part of the crew, please reach out at duke@duke-winston.com

Seun Olubodun

Founder/Winston's Assistant

Sir Winston

Chief Executive Bulldog