Early Christmas: November Giveaways

Due to production delays on Fall, going to shake things up a bit by giving away a ton of sample products almost daily till new stuff comes in. Got boxes of samples from the store days, from hats, dog hoodies, ties, koozies, stickers, dog brass, dog collars.....and over the next few days, will pu... View Post

D&W Hoodies Coming Soon!!

Production for smaller brands like D&W has been a mess the last month (since March really). Many factories are shutdown, understaffed or backed up till the new year, prices have gone through the roof & overall quality control is way down.   To guide the brand through the end of a w... View Post

Fall/Winter 2020 Coming Soon

New hoodies, tees, mugs, dog bandannas, hats & candles coming this Fall/Winter to D&W. Narrowing down 1000 product ideas into a simple & manageable collection is not easy!!   View Post

Custom Packaging

Customer special requests 50 hand-stamped gift packages for their dogs birthday? Done!! (Can we come to the party please?) View Post

Made In The USA Packaging

Sir Duke t-shirt bags finally restocked!! Made in the USA with 100% recycled plastic. A good look for your shirts & a better look for the environment.    View Post

Happy National Dog Day

For National Dog Day, sharing some appropriate graphics just wrapped up with amazing designer Andrea Caceres. The illustrations are inspired by vintage dog people photos from the d&w archives. These are all real people, from many different backgrounds and places over the last 150 years that s... View Post

Throwback: Bulldog Parade, 2015.

Relaunching as an online only brand has been way easier and actually lifesaving due to COVID hitting a few months later buuut D&W was founded more as a fun brand to get dog people together face to face.People need real life interactions that often provide more joy/happiness/fulfillment than ... View Post

Motivation Monday: Never Give In

‘…never give in, never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense.’ - Sir Winston Churchill   View Post