About Rescue Collabs – Duke & Winston

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Not only are we huge bulldog lovers, we have a soft spot for bully rescues & have sponsored, collaborated with & donated to quite a few since the brand launched over 10 years ago.

THE ISSUE - Bulldogs are notorious for having health problems & disreputable breeders looking to profit on their popularity/high cost have been carelessly overbreeding for years, increasing the rate of abandonment by owners not prepared for the special task of raising a bulldog. (Bullies are literally lifelong infants).

Most rescues consist of teams of unpaid volunteers & fosters working year round with limited funds & resources to rescue, care for & find homes for a growing number of abandoned bulldogs.

Like all rescues, bully rescues rely on supporter donations & as a brand inspired by this amazing breed, Duke & Winston is  committed to developing more creative ways to help as many bulldog rescues not only raise funds but also shine a light on the amazing work they do.

RESCUE COLLABORATION CONCEPT - We've always felt that rescues could do with more fashionable promotional clothing just as great as their supporters favorite shirts. Based on the success of past rescue collabs, we are relaunching the concept, partnering with a few of our Bulldog Rescue friends to design cool/fashionable & high quality tees to start. All profit from sales will be donated back to each rescue.

As we expand the collabs & partnerships, our goal is to become a creative promotional partner for bulldog rescues (and others), creating products, content & more to help them meet their fundraising goals & do our part to get as many bulldog's into their forever homes!!


To find out more about rescue collaborations, please reach out to us at duke@duke-winston.com