American Express Feature

Those of you who have been following the brand for the last 4 years have had a front row seat to the small but significant successes we've had building a business out of nothing. As with any startup, behind the scenes there have been many tough times but when things look like there is no way out, good things will always happen to those who push forward. 
Last month we were contacted out of nowhere for an article with American Express which I thought was simply a local business highlight but today D&W is featured very prominently on the American Express Open Forum, a huge & much needed boost after 5 intense months of working day & night to make our new retail venture a success. 
Article on Am Ex here:

We couldn't be more excited about this, by far our largest bit of recognition. As always we acknowledge the folks who have stayed behind the brand as we've gone through the ups & downs of growth and looking forward to where the brand can go in the future.