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D&W Is Seeking Operations Partner

D&W Is Seeking Operations Partner

Seeking an exceptional mission-driven Operations Partner to help lead the exciting growth of the Duke & Winston brand. 

Duke & Winston is a brand dedicated to developing world class products & engaging community building content for the world's most iconic dog breed, the English Bulldog & the people who love them.

We believe the future successes in the pet industry are brands that can focus & build around the unique needs/personalities of specific dog breeds & their humans in a genuine way. This approach is counter to the current trend of indistinguishable pet brands that attempt to cater to every single breed making them lose the advantages of relatability & ability to build long term breed specific loyalty.

For us, our true love & focus is the majestic English Bulldog, the most popular breed worldwide (Ranked number 1 worldwide by official Google Trends data).

Our goal is not only to become the premier brand associated with all things Bulldogs but to also be a model of how to build a fun, inspiring, thoughtful & community dedicated breed specific brand.


We have laid an initial foundation for growth with a grassroots built customer base in the thousands & have developed innovative content/partnership concepts unlike anything currently seen in the pet space. We are just getting started & the operations partner role is primarily to help bring the D&W vision to life by developing structure, creating & overseeing strategy/processes for sustainable brand growth. 


1) Strategy & Business Development:


  • Direct the brand mission: Including brainstorming, developing, improving innovative/out of the box solutions with founder to keep brand sustainable, relevant & on mission.
  • Solidify business strategy: create a go to market strategy to achieve overarching strategic business plan

Financial Management: 

  • Create financial projections 
  • Assist with fundraising efforts 
  • Oversee budget allocation for growth initiatives

2) Operations Lead (Product Development & Logistics):

  • Systematize primary business functions 
    • Leading the day-to-day operations of the business; 
      • primarily focusing on product logistics
      • product development
      • supply chain
  • Wholesale
  • Customer service
  • Fulfilment
  • Future team: develop roles & manage team growth


  • A goal oriented, social entrepreneur aligning with the “Bulldog Spirit” mission of the brand is key.
  • Must have vision, enthusiasm & belief in an approach of methodically building impactful, long lasting brands around positive & community serving mission.
  • Ideal partner cares deeply about well-being of humans & loves dogs (bulldog lovers obviously a big plus :)
  • Recognizes that after the unprecedented negative impact caused by the global pandemic, brands built with genuine care, providing much needed positivity, entertainment & connectedness have an opportunity to really win.


  • Experienced operations experience as leader or management role at early stage brand in the apparel, pet or consumer products space.
  • Specifically skilled in the areas of strategic planning, logistics, and financial management.
  • Experience developing and managing a team.


Equity/Monetary compensation structure will be determined based on open & transparent discussions about full scope of role, experience, vision & compatibility. 

If interested, please reach out to founder Seun Olubodun at seun@duke-winston.com for brand deck & to discuss partnership in more detail.