$11,000 Raised For Bulldog Rescue – Duke & Winston

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$11,000 Raised For Bulldog Rescue

$11,000 Raised For Bulldog Rescue

We’ve raised $11,000 since launching our d&w x bulldog rescue collab tees in February. 🎉🎉⁣

These collabs have been the most fun projects we’ve worked on this year and to be able to give back to a cause we care so deeply about has been very fulfilling. Also awesome to have hundreds of people across the country rockin cool bulldog rescue tees. ⁣

Hope to expand the rescue collabs as the brand grows, working with new rescues, adding more product offerings and maybe even in-person rescue events in the future!! ⁣

Thanks to everyone who has supported the campaigns so far and thanks especially to the Rescues who jumped on board as we launched the pilot program. Lots more to come.

Long Live the Bulldog Rescues!!!⁣