Chicago English Bulldog Rescue Tee

We partnered up with some of our favorite bulldog rescues to develop a series of collaboration shirts to help solve two problems:
1) Rescues need cooler shirts for their supporters to wear. 
2) Rescues need all the fundraising help they can get.
** 50% of proceeds get donated back to rescue.

Chicago English Bulldog Rescue Tee Details

 100% Cotton
• Garment Washed for Softness
• Unisex Fit

• Printed in the U.S.A
• Unisex Size Guide: Here

Read more about our rescue partnerships here & thanks for supporting!!

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One of the broadest English Bulldog rescues in the country and certainly changing the lives of so many bullies in the Midwest, Chicago English Bulldog Rescue (CEBR) has been helping bulldogs, their owners and their enthusiasts with all things bully for almost 15 years! Founded in 2007, with the help of a 100% volunteer based network of about 50-75 people at any time, and registered as a license shelter in the state of IL, and a 501c3 charitable organization, CEBR does all of the things to make lives better for bullies and those that love them.

Who is CEBR?
— They have rescued/rehomed over 1500 English Bulldogs.
— Provide rehabilitation for retired commercial breeding dogs and help them develop into loving family members.
— Offer expert behavioral and medical support to the community at large based on the hundreds of hours (and collective years) of bulldog experience in the group.
— Take on the toughest medical and behavioral cases including dogs with spina bifida, paralysis, cancer, heart conditions and chronic or severe special needs CEBR covers a large radius for their adoptions including Chicago proper and the surrounding suburbs, a large portion of the Northern part of Illinois, Northwest Indiana, and Southeast Wisconsin including Milwaukee. They have a nationwide (and international) following on social media and are able to assist bully owners around the world with advice and knowledge remotely too.

 To find out more about Chicago English Bulldog Rescue and their amazing work visit them on their Facebook page at or at