About D&W (OLD) – Duke & Winston

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About Duke & Winston

Duke & Winston is a brand dedicated to developing quality products & fun content dedicated to those who live with "The Bulldog Spirit". Our name comes from a combination of our co-founder, Duke The Bulldog & our childhood hero Winston Churchill aka "The British Bulldog"

The Bulldog Spirit Mission

The bulldog is universally beloved for its traits like courage, perseverance, dependability, loyalty & its easy-going yet dignified character. These traits make up "The Bulldog Spirit" and are the foundation for our approach to building the Duke & Winston Brand.

Duke & Winston was founded because we had a vision of building something with care, having the bulldog courage & tenacity to go against the grain of modern brand building. Beyond simply selling products, we emphasize genuine care, attention to quality & details across everything from our products, packaging, manufacturing process & content to our good-natured approach to customer/community building.

Above all, we aim to be a shining example of how a brand can positively impact everything around it by placing kindness, dignity, community & the "Bulldog Spirit" at its core.

Supporting Bulldog Rescues!!

Bulldogs are notorious for having health problems & as a brand dedicated to this amazing breed, we are committed to helping rescues come up with creative ways to ease the difficult task of constant fundraising. Our goal is to be a brand partner to bulldog rescues, helping to ensure bulldogs in need finds a home. Learn more about our bulldog rescue partnerships here.